“Great Day! Happy Day! 3 Letters From My Siblings…Tears Instantly Sprang Up Into My Eyes”


11-01-2010 Journal Entry

“I dreamed about my big brother’s skateboard. I don’t recall the setting or anything, but someone, (not him) had the board and I was desperate to get it from him as I’ve always loved that board…at least I think that’s why. Could it mean something else?”

“Sam got behind schedule this morning and, rather than waiting until yard as is normal, he chose to take a dump 5 minutes before yard call. Since I was still in bed, I had to wait till he left to get ready for yard and nearly missed it in the rush. I know it would do no good to bring this up as he will somehow turn it on me, or make me feel a jerk. Wow, again I know how Grace must have felt living with me!”

“At lunch time, they appear to have been training a gaggle of new…

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