Whiskey Nights

Lipstick and Laundry


fresh and fragile
I snuck into my mother’s
makeup drawer
threw on some
name brand mask
and clunked across
the living room floor

in the in-between
life was lived in
the car seat with the
cigarette burns
sidewalks under
yellow street lamps
in the shakes and pours
of whiskey nights

I met him among the
clinking and the
water rings
dimly lit perfection
we held hands
like a repeat romance novel
all-in on
worn bar stools

in the beginning I
swam so hard from
late night television
to warm skin then
four years crept like
vine work up our chests
until I’d built a
rooftop on his heart

I wander now
from the couch
to the convenience store
above to heavy darkness
in a home with
four wheels four limbs
living breathing
he is common ground


Thank you to the beautiful and big-hearted Michelle for allowing me to…

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