I Don’t Want to Be An Actress Anymore – Gretchen Kelly

The SisterWives

I wanted to be an actress when I was little. It was my childhood dream. I wanted to be on Broadway. Never mind that I have no dancing or singing talent. I wanted to go to the School of the Arts in New York City. I wanted to wait tables and go on auditions. It all sounded so cool and glamorous in a starving artist kind of way. I memorized every line in “A Chorus Line” and watched “Fame” over and over. I spent hours daydreaming about it, immeasurable amounts of time practicing different emotions in the bathroom mirror. I completely pictured myself with a future of leg warmers and stage makeup and dog-eared scripts.

I remember when I got my first taste of acting. It wasn’t a role I chose. I was young, way too young. And it was a role born of cruelty and perversion. A role taken…

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