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Avicii nominated in MTV VMA 2014

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES – We all remember the 2013 Eurovision anthem made by Avicii and B & B from ABBA, one of the most spectacular openings in the history of the #Eurovision Song Contest.

Two nominations for Aviccii are now underway for Avicci in the 2014 edition of MTV VMA which are expected to be held on August 24, 2014 at The Forum in Inglewood, California marking the 31st edition of the awards.

Best Pop Video, Best Video with a Social Message are the two categories in which Avicci will claim a victory.

Today we noticed the logo of the event. It reminds me two things: the old Eurovision generic logo and somehow the rounded piano Ovi (Romania 2010, 2014) used on stage this year in Copenhagen. Hilarious or not it’s not just my imagination as several comments like mine posted already on the web.

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Drake: Did He Diss Rihanna Because He’s In Love With Her?

Hollywood Life

When Drake put up three fiery sixes in a row, and then flashed Rihanna’s face during his Aug. 6, concert in Toronto, fans freaked out! But now can tell you exactly why he did it, but you’ll have to listen to our editor-in-chief, Bonnie Fuller’s, ‘The HollywoodLife’ podcast to find out!

Drake tweeted that he never meant to upset Rihanna by implying she was the devil, during his Toronto concert, Aug. 6. Now fans are totally divided over whether they actually believe him and they wish Rihanna would come out and respond to what he did! But has spoke to a source who tells us why Drake flashed Rihanna’s face up on a screen and we reveal the answer during “The HollywoodLife” podcast, with our editor-in-chief, Bonnie Fuller.

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Chris Brown & Karreuche Tran: Inside Their Committment Issue Showdown

Hollywood Life

Ever since Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran split, he’s been making overtures to her over Instagram via sexy shots of Kae that he deletes almost as soon as he puts them up. A source has revealed to EXCLUSIVELY that Karrueche knows just what he’s doing, and won’t go back to him until he sorts out his commitment issues.

Who would have thought that Chris Brown, 25, was such a romantic? Er, well, kind of. He and Karrueche Tran, 26, officially split a month ago after a rocky few weeks where it seemed like he was still after his ex, Rihanna, 26, along with other womanizing behavior. However, now Chris has been displaying some pretty sketchy behavior on Instagram following their split, including a sexy shot that he posted of Karrueche where he called her his “#WCW” (Woman Crush Wednesday). Well, a source has revealed to

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Kanye & Kim, William & Kate & More: Celebs Who Dated Their Mad Crushes

Hollywood Life

Love stories have to start somewhere. has rounded up your favorite celebs who’ve dated their serious crushes!

Even the most high-powered celebs have crushes! From Kanye West, 37, to Kate Middleton, 32, many celebs have had serious crushes on their significant others before they were a couple! Talk about romance! Check out our list of all the celebs who’ve loved their other half long before they were official.

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